[Denmark] PhD Scholarships Technical University of Denmark

12:18pm — September 2, 2008

Applications are invited for 3-year PhD positions starting December 1 2008 or earlier, at the Department of Mathematics.

The positions should be within the research areas of the Department: Geometry, Applied Functional Analysis, Dynamical Systems and Discrete Mathematics. Example projects are: Iso-Geometric Analysis and Shape Optimization, The blood coagulation cascade, The structure of separated flows, Geometric effects in quantum structures, Highly Non-Linear Boolean Functions,Optimizat ion of Thermofluidic Systems Using the Lattice-Bolltzmann Method (for further details on these projects, see www.mat.dtu.dk/English/Education/PhD/PhD%20Projects.aspx

Applications with other projects that are defined in collaboration with Faculty at DTU Mathematics are also welcome.

Candidates should have a master degree in mathematics, applied mathematics or engineering or equivalent academic qualifications.

The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in the Research School of DTU Mathematics. Information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies is included in the general rules at DTU, which may be obtained from the PhD program office at tel: +45 45251176 or + 45 45251177, and via www.mat.dtu.dk/English/Education/PhD.aspx)

Applications must be submitted in English and must include a complete curriculum vitae and documentation of a completed M.Sc. or M.Eng.-degree. FF

Further information can be obtained from Professor Tom H

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