Have you just been retrenched? 10 tips to remain sane.

5:26am — March 15, 2009

PINOY BLOGGERS Note: This is an interesting article forwarded to me by Edmund Lao from an online site titled SAVE AND LEARN. This article provides every Pinoy an optimistic view on the ongoing job retrenchment which is the result of the worldwide economic crisis. Read and learn.

retrenched-employeeThe global economic crisis is taking its toll on many companies in the Philippines. Is your company one of those? And are you one of the long-term, loyal employees that have been sadly retrenched? Here are ten tips, eleven actually, which can hopefully see you through this difficult storm.
1. Chill. Don’t Panic: It’s natural to feel a loss of self-identity and sense of security and these almost always make you panic. Take sometime to adjust to your new reality and let the dust settle. Job-hunting right before you have processed what just happened to you will just add to your stress. Look at it as that week-long vacation you’ve always wanted to take but couldn’t take. However, make sure you get off that couch after a week. You don’t want to make this a habit.

2. Talk about it: There is no practical reason to hide the fact that you were laid off and are now looking for work. Your family certainly needs to know that you are not just in an extended sabbatical so that they can support you. Your friends and colleagues will be encouraging as well. It’s not embarrassing ― it happens to everyone, even CEOs, bigwigs and sacred cows. Your contacts can recommend leads and suggestions for jobs.

3. Don’t Splurge: If you’re lucky enough to have gotten a severance package do not look at it as a windfall. You have no idea when your next paycheck is coming in. Put the money in a low-risk mutual fund to stretch it as far as you can. If you are among the few who started on a personal retirement saving, don’t even think about touching it for now.

4. Examine Your Household Finances: This is a good time to take a really close look of your household financial situation. Do a budget and stick to it, eliminate unnecessary expenses and be really honest about what’s necessary! This is something you should have done long ago. Whatever you accomplish here will be useful even after you start on your new career.

5. Evaluate Your Options: Now is a great time to examine your options. Have you always wanted a career change or start a new business? Now may be the best opportunity to take advantage of these new endeavors. If you were happy in your previous job/career, great! That’s your direction going forward. If you’ve always wanted to change careers, now’s the time to explore it!

6. Rework that Old Resume’: If your decision is to go back to the workforce, start writing your resume’. Resume’ writing rules change. Don’t use an old copy when interviewing for a new job. Go to the library, a good bookstore, or the internet to research on resume writing.

7. Reconnect:
One of the best ways to find your next job is to use your network and the network of everyone you know. Think about family, friends, neighbors, previous co-workers, church and social groups you belong to. Touch base with people who may know where your next position is. Give them a call and let them know what’s going on and specifically what you’re looking for. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Friendster are useful tools. People like to help, so use them!

8. Always be on the Prowl: You are job hunting so act like a real predator. Be alert of what’s going on around you. There are opportunities where you least expect them to be. Read the want ads, surf the internet. The more you know, the greater your creative agility will become as regards to seeking out jobs, finding interesting companies, and gaining confidence in an interview or networking situation.

9. Stay Focused: You probably won’t get hired on the first interview so just keep at it. Don’t lose sight of that goal. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down what counts is the number of times you get up. Dust yourself off and learn from the experience. Don’t look back; keep movingforward.

10. Don’t Give Up: You need persistence and staying power to continue job hunting. It is much like running a marathon, you need to be prepared and you need to pace yourself in order to finish. Keep moving even when the road seems endless. You will eventually reach the finish line. As long as you are mentally and physically in the zone, you will be able to cross the line with a new job and a renewed sense of self.

11. PRAY: So what if the title said “Top 10″! The first ten are things for you to do. But you can only do so much. In the end, after you have done what you are suppose to do, leave everything to God. Imagine being in the last few seconds of the 4th quarter of a basketball game with your team down by one and you have the ball. Who would you rather take the last shot you or Michael Jordan? You see, you can only do everything humanly possible to succeed, but in the end it depends on whose hands it’s in.

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  • somebody

    Globe just laid off all of its hotline employees w/out any early advisory to have the people ready themselves specially those w/family who depends on them..it is indeed very hard on our part, we felt betrayed for even union can’t do anything bout it. we just want things to be fair enough, offers not even good and for those people who has big amount of loans due to emergency will now be asked to pay it one time or deduct it straight from the “backpay” ..how then we can move on..in our current situation it isn’t easy to get new job consider also age of people tht was laid off. hope they’ll have the conscience to think it over again..

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