The world’s too small for celebrities nowadays.

You do something, then it gets exposed and forwarded in every e-mails of this 81 million populated country. What do you get? A lot of nerve-wrecking anxiety wishing your wife is too stupid to understand or just to ‘manhid’ to mind.

Like sports icon Manny Pacquiao. Considered as one of the semi-god celebrities in this country, his prestige in bringing National Pride on a time we needed most is much welcomed by everyone. but, with this comes the responsibility of being a role model to the yourth.

Manny Pacquiao issues with Ara Mina and Valerie Concepcion mellowed down late December 2007.

Now, another issue is haunting the “Pambansang Kamao” .

Wyn-ann Q. <> shared some interesting photo’s which the world wide web bloggers tag as as the “Manny Pacquiao Scandal” which happened in The Embassy. The date of this event is unknown.

Did Manny Pacquiao committed a crime or scandal as others claim? That is a question only God knows what (for now). But, for the record, these pictures show something not to be ignored.

One thing more: “Patay kang JINKY bai!”