8th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS) Summit Launched

Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS)

A view of the participants of the Launching of the 8th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS)


The best form of education is by example. There is no better way of presenting it but by immersing subjects to where the example is.

And that is what The Aboitiz Group’s Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS) is all about. Through this program, ninety students from all over the country is given the chance to participate in a two-day activity that can prepare them to become the future leaders for their role in nation-building, inspire them to develop a renewed faith in the country, and motivate them to respond to the everyday call of leadership.

For the second time, this years theme is still “Significantly changing my Philippines“.

Human Resource Director Txabi Aboitiz

Txabi Aboitiz, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer of the Aboitiz Group

“We are proud that the Aboitiz Group has made an impact on the lives of the youth for the past years through our programs. We want to help prepare the Summit participants and train them to face the corporate world and pass it with flying colors. This is part of the Aboitiz Group’s commitment in putting education as our primary corporate social responsibility projec”, shares Txabi Aboitiz, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer of the Aboitiz Group.

In a close interview, Aboitiz adds, “by giving them this opportunity we hope that the participants will also do their share to help the younger generation become future leaders.”

To those who will make it to the Top 90 selected participants of the 8th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS), they will participante in series of activities which includes plenary discussions, games and teambuilding exercises that simulate real work and business situation.

As a youth leader who has actively involved myself in several programs in the past, Aboitiz Group’s real world experience and ability to prepare it for students to appreciate and learn from is always the tricky part.

“We have carefully crafted our activities and we design and improve it in the process to ensure that these student-participants are prepared in their critical role in nation building,” Aboitiz adds.

During the 7th AFBLS, a day has been added in the schedule of activities. The said day includes visiting Aboitiz offices in Cebu and a visit to the “old mans house” – or popularly known to many as Don Ramon Aboitiz.

“We firmly believe in the power of exposure and appreciation to the ideals of Don Ramon Aboitiz that is why we add one day to the regular two-day event,” discloses Aboitiz.


The invitation to participate the Aboitiz Group’s 8th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS). Just a note, participants should have the minimum qualification:

  • Filipino Citizen,
  • 25 years young or younger during the time of the summit,
  • incoming 3rd year or 4th year (for 4-year courses) or 4th year or 5th year student (for 5-year courses) taking up Business Management, Accounting, Political Science, Communications, IT, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Psychology, Economics, and Law.
  • Must be part of the top 20 percent of their class,
  • an active leader or officer of any student organziation
  • have excellent communication skill
  • not facing any disciplinary case inside or outside the campus.

Deadline of submission is on March 22, 2013.

For more information, you can check the organizes at

You can also visit their Aboitiz Future Business Leaders Summit Official Facebook Page.


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