Why Undergo HIV Testing in Cebu on February 23?


photo Why Undergo HIV Testing in Cebu on February 23?

HIV Testing is no longer a taboo. It is not only one of the safest ways of slowing the HIV epidemic, but also the surest way of improving your well being as an active individual.

Here are the five reasons, which i think should be the motivation of getting HIV Tested why you should get HIV tested:

1. Healthier Life
Going to the doctor for your regular annual check-up is key to healthly living. With the doctors diagnosis, you are advised with the best ways of addressing a looming health problem. With this also, you are referred to the best specialist there is for your problem. If you are diagnosed to be healthy, you are reminded on how to keep it up or improve it for the better.

2. Protecting our loved ones
Knowing early can provide you and your partner early information of protection. It does not mean that if you are HIV positive, the sex life ends. Safe techniques are shared and can easily be learned.

3. Make informed decisions
Hearsay is trash even if it comes from a friend who is not an expert on any health issue. Confirming your status can allow you to make the informed decision and based on what is factual.

4. Ask the right question
Living healthy is directly parallel to how you know your body. Getting tested for HIV can give you the opportunity of asking the right questions only few dare to answer.

5. Regular Doctors Checkup
As you can see, the process is clear and the flow is shown in this article. What can provide you informed answer and decision begins in the acceptance that you need to regularly visit your doctor to be healthy in life. Make every visit to your doctor counts.

We understand tht HIV Testing in Cebu or any part of the country, is not a widely accepted norm.However, this should not hinder us from knowing how healthly we are.

Good thing, there will be a FREE HIV Testing event in Cebu on March 23, 2013 where you can ask your right question and get the right answers from specialists and experts on this field.

Titled “Check In Ta Bai”, venue and information will only be shared to those individuals who wish to undertake a FREE, DISCREET and CONFIDENTIAL HIV Testing in Cebu City.

Check this link to register online: http://go.loveyourself.ph/cebu

For more information, visit: facebook.com/TheLoveYourselfProjectCebu

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  1. Good post. Never seen a write up as useful as this.

  2. Rabsin says:

    Thank you sir Ruben!


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