Familia Buffet Restaurant Lets You Put The World on a Plate

Familia Buffet Restaurant can surely help you if you’re the one who wants to put the world on a plate. To tell you honestly, it is very much possible. This possibility of which I speak of refers to the matters of the tongue and tummy. I am referring to the marriage of international cuisine. Every dish imaginable from every corner in the world can be already be placed in your buffet plate, all to your heart’s content, or shall I say to your tummy’s extent of satiety. The flavors of the world is now indeed within your reach.

Familia Buffet Restaurant of Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa is proud to present their sumptuous array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If an array is not even enough for you, wait until you can see that you have 4 stations to choose from; Oriental, Western, Japanese, and dessert section.

You can dine on their outdoor terrace which gives you a spectacular view of their waterpark. Now that’s what you call filling up the senses with all the good stuff! The waterpark will let your eyes enjoy. The sound of leisure will fill your ears. Your olfactory and gustatory senses will be delighted with the banquet of food prepare just for you.

What’s amazing about their buffet is the variety! You have endless possibilities of choices for your breakfast plate in the morning, lunchtime, and dinnertime.

With a seating capacity of 390, Familia Buffet Restaurant can surely accommodate a crowd of foodies and bellies wanting to be filled. No wonder they are considered to be one of Cebu’s well-loved buffet! Familia Buffet Restaurant is indeed a family treat!

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