Amazing Aloha Is Back To Give You Extraordinary Burger Experience

Amazing Aloha is finally back after so much appeal made in Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth.

It was made available by Jollibee starting May 15, 2013 in all their stores across the country.

What Created The Amazing Aloha Buzz?


The much-awaited return of the well-loved burger has created so much buzz here in the Philippines as well as abroad. Partly to blame for making Amazing Aloha the talk of the town is Anthony Bourdain himself!

Anthony Bourdain is a very famous author, chef, and TV personality. On one of his TV shows, he was trying out some Jollibee menu items on drive-thru like the Halo-Halo and Amazing Aloha. Both of the food items got the commendation of Mr. Bourdain.

We all know that Anthony Bourdain’s palate is hard to please so his positive review about the Amazing Aloha left the Filipinos wondering why the burger was not available on their shores.

Bring Back Amazing Aloha!

In the hope for its return, fans set up a Facebook page in dedication for the sumptuous burger. A lot of people posted words, photos, and tweets. Celebrities even took part on this movement.

Much to the delight of the fans, Jollibee eventually brought Amazing Aloha back, and they brought it with a bang!

On the first day of its return, Jollibee has chosen 35 of its nationwide branches to give 100 free Amazing Aloha to 100 lucky customers!

The Sumptuousness of Amazing Aloha

So, what really is inside every bun of Amazing Aloha that got Anthony Bourdain himself a two thumbs up?

A single burger patty will be something that’s worth forgetting so Jollibee took the burger to the next level! A burger bun will feature 2 juicy patties bathed in honey mustard sauce and bacon bits. Added wonders include lettuce and a slice of pineapple which gives it the Hawaiian flair.

Upon your first bite, you can utter superlatives! Anthony Bourdain even said, “It sounds magical. It’s the Aloha! That’s a very tasty burger!”

Now that Amazing Aloha is back, enjoy every bit of time while it’s still part of the menu because it will only be available for a limited time.

Amazing Aloha Hashtag

Feel free to post photos on how you enjoy your share of Amazing Aloha using the hashtag #AmazingAlohaIsBack!

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