Checklist for the Perfect Event

9:23pm — February 7, 2008


Event like any form of expression is an art. You take every ingredient at the right proportion. Too little of something is stale. Too much stirs havoc. Moderation of something is ideal. But at a point, everything should be brewed according to how the client defines an events success.

Here are the things you need to prepare for in doing the perfect event:

1. Select your location. What is the event all about? Who are the attendees. Understanding the basics of the event will give you an idea on what set-up and atmosphere you need to create for the event. Like business, effective identification of the venue for the activity is one of the keys of a successful event.

2. Select the date and time. Slumber party starts at night while beach party is set on the summer season. Common sense dictates that every event has its own time where doing it becomes natural and relevant to others who want to come.

3. Prepare the Program and the Script.
Event like any theater play is a presentation. It is a stage where everyone involve in it demands perfection. Program identifies what goes where. The script tells more of the lines and the description that happens as the program goes.

4. Stir their emotions with a feast of the senses. Any event becomes interesting to the attendees if it can stir their emotion. Thus, the event should posses

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