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Jollibee Kids Party now has Hello Kitty on its Party Themes

From the most beloved fast food chain of kids and kids at heart, Jollibee Kids Party is now offering Hello Kitty birthday package for young girls out there!

Hello Kitty Jollibee Kids Party

Little princesses will surely have a purr-fect birthday party with everything donned in pink, starting from the cute birthday cake, party hats, invitations, loot bags, to the party favors filled with images of Hello Kitty.

Not only will pink be the color of the day, the celebrations will also be filled with party balloons, decorations, as well as fun games and awesome prizes. A Jollibee birthday party will never be complete unless our favorite mascot will do a dance number for the birthday celebrant! Jollibee is the highlight of every Jollibee Kids Party!

Jollibee Kids Party Made Easy

Planning for birthday parties used to be very taxing but not anymore with Jollibee! They made it more convenient for mom and dad to organize a fun party with the help of Create-Your-Own-Package, where they can choosee the Jollibee treats that will be served to all the guests and visitors depending on their budget. As always, the langhap-sarap menu of Jollibee will be the star of the banquet.

Other kids can also enjoy My Best Friend Jollibee party, Jollitown bash, or go to the world of Batman.

Reserve Your Jollibee Kids Party Now

This could be your kid’s happiest birthday party! Make your reservations at the nearest Jollibee branch or drop by on their website at to know more about Hello Kitty birthday and other Jollibee Kids Party themes available for your kids.

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Amazing Aloha Is Back To Give You Extraordinary Burger Experience

Amazing Aloha is finally back after so much appeal made in Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth.

It was made available by Jollibee starting May 15, 2013 in all their stores across the country.

What Created The Amazing Aloha Buzz?


The much-awaited return of the well-loved burger has created so much buzz here in the Philippines as well as abroad. Partly to blame for making Amazing Aloha the talk of the town is Anthony Bourdain himself!

Anthony Bourdain is a very famous author, chef, and TV personality. On one of his TV shows, he was trying out some Jollibee menu items on drive-thru like the Halo-Halo and Amazing Aloha. Both of the food items got the commendation of Mr. Bourdain.

We all know that Anthony Bourdain’s palate is hard to please so his positive review about the Amazing Aloha left the Filipinos wondering why the burger was not available on their shores.

Bring Back Amazing Aloha!

In the hope for its return, fans set up a Facebook page in dedication for the sumptuous burger. A lot of people posted words, photos, and tweets. Celebrities even took part on this movement.

Much to the delight of the fans, Jollibee eventually brought Amazing Aloha back, and they brought it with a bang!

On the first day of its return, Jollibee has chosen 35 of its nationwide branches to give 100 free Amazing Aloha to 100 lucky customers!

The Sumptuousness of Amazing Aloha

So, what really is inside every bun of Amazing Aloha that got Anthony Bourdain himself a two thumbs up?

A single burger patty will be something that’s worth forgetting so Jollibee took the burger to the next level! A burger bun will feature 2 juicy patties bathed in honey mustard sauce and bacon bits. Added wonders include lettuce and a slice of pineapple which gives it the Hawaiian flair.

Upon your first bite, you can utter superlatives! Anthony Bourdain even said, “It sounds magical. It’s the Aloha! That’s a very tasty burger!”

Now that Amazing Aloha is back, enjoy every bit of time while it’s still part of the menu because it will only be available for a limited time.

Amazing Aloha Hashtag

Feel free to post photos on how you enjoy your share of Amazing Aloha using the hashtag #AmazingAlohaIsBack!

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Add Some Color to your Summer with McFloat Rainbow Medley

The summer may almost be over but there’s definitely more reasons to make it more colorful, thanks to McDonald’s well-loved McFloat Rainbow Medley.

McFloat Rainbow Medley Cebu Tour

As for the people of Cebu, their summer was sent to a degree centigrade higher than usual when Xian Lim, the McFloat Rainbow Medley ambassador of McDonald’s, paid them a visit last May 12. Aside from giving his fans the attention they truly deserve, Xian also served them with their favorite McDonald’s menu items.

Xian is currently touring the country to promote McFloat Rainbow Medley in the hope of reaching out to more people. He wants to spread positive values and share McDo happiness to all ages and he feels great doing it. So far, he has visited 2 cities outside Manila: Davao and Cebu.

When I asked how he felt when he was chosen by McDonald’s to be their McFloat Ambassador, he enthused, ”So this is my 2nd year with Mcdonald’s so I’m really happy that they gave me the trust. Siempre nakakatuwa kasi last year we had this and I’m part of this product na. It’s evolving. Now we have different flavors to share. Sobrang masaya. I’m really happy.”

On the part of McDonald’s, they decided to make Xian part of their family because refreshing and a genuinely happy person.

With the summer sun posing a threat to melt our summer happiness away, there’s a sure way to fight it and send our summer to a whole new level. The McFloat Rainbow Medley is McDonald’s limited-time offer summer drinks to cool you this summer season.

McFloat Rainbow Medley Variants

Your beach and hang-outs will surely be made special because the McFloat Rainbow Medley will fill your conversation and imagination with vibrant colors. Fruity flavors of green apple, strawberry, lychee, and melon will be much to your delight.

As for Xian’s favorite McFloat Rainbow Medley flavor, it’s green apple!

Each serving of McFloat Rainbow Medley is made up of soda fizz and soft ice cream that will surely make the top of your summer dessert list.

The all-time-favorite Coke McFloat is still set to make huge waves for this summer and the months to follow.

You can have McFloat Rainbow Medley all by itself but it is perfect when partnered with world famous McDonald’s French fries. It is a perfect merienda to go with your bonding time for family and friends.

If you are craving for the crunchy French fries and McFloat Rainbow Medley, you are in for a sweet treat! Order the McFloat and Fries Combo to avail a special rate that comes along with the bubbly soda fizz medley. Your medium-sized McDonald’s French fries and flavored McFloat is only Php 60 while having it the classic way of Coke McFloat is only Php 55!

a Add Some Color to your Summer with McFloat Rainbow Medley

Having your favorite McDonald’s meal doesn’t mean you’re going to miss all the fun. In fact, it will make your meals a lot better! Just make sure to Upfloat your drinks and upgrade to any McFloat variant.

How to Grab Your Very Own McFloat Rainbow Medley

All the flavors of McFloat Rainbow Medley are available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can have them by visiting any McDonald’s store nearest you, visiting McDonald’s Philippines official website, or by dialing 86-2-36 with their McDelivery.

McFloat Rainbow Medley fruity variants are only available up to June 21, 2013.

Feel free to share wonderful photos by posting them on the Facebook page of McDonald’s or following the Twitter account of McDonald’s (@McDo_ph) while using the official hashtag of #mcfloathappiness to complete your McFloat Rainbow Medley experience!


Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 Will Let You Experience An Amazing Night

Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 yet again will be another night of wonder and mystique. This is the one night of the year when museums and tourist spots in Cebu City, Mandaue City, Talisay City and Lapu-Lapu City will be open for all the world to see!

Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 is the 7th run of the annual heritage celebration. It started back in May 25, 2007 with only 3 museums and 1 heritage site: Casa Gorordo Museum, Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Basilica del Santo Niño Museum and Fort San Pedro. Fast forward to Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013, the participants are now a total of 33!

Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 is the culmination of International Museum’s Day (May 18) and National Heritage Month celebrations for the whole month of May.

What Inspired Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013?


Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 was inspired by the Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) of Germany and various European countries. Through the initiative of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), the annual celebration in Cebu, the very first of its kind in the Philippines and Asia, was started for the public. Its aim is to encourage the people to learn about their beautiful culture and heritage, with cultural presentations and activities for them to join.

2013 will feature a total of 33 attractions. With a long list of options, it will be very hard for you to choose which attraction you will visit. All of them are fantastic and oozing with history.

Cebu City

  1. Museo Sugbo
  2. Cathedral Museum of Cebu
  3. University of the Philippines Cebu College
  4. Cebu Cultural Center
  5. Colegio del Santo Niño
  6. Don Sergio Osmeña and CAP Art Gallery
  7. United Church of Christ in the Philippines – Bradford Memorial Chapel
  8. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
  9. Iglesia Filipina Independiente Cathedral of the Holy Child
  10. San Pedro Calungsod Chapel
  11. University of Southern Philippines – Rizaliana Museum
  12. Plaza Independencia
  13. Cebu City Museum
  14. Plaza Parian – Aboitizland Heritage Pocket
  15. Sacred Heart Parish Church – Alternative Contemporary Art Studio
  16. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church
  17. Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum
  18. Sugbo Chinese Heritage Museum
  19. Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple
  20. Museo Parian sa Sugbo
  21. Casa Gorordo Museum
  22. Fort San Pedro

Lapu-Lapu City

  1. Plaza Poblacion
  2. Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Regla Parish Church
  3. Muelle Osmena
  4. Mactan Shrine

Mandaue City

  1. Bantayan sa Hari
  2. Mandaue City Presidencia
  3. National Shrine of St. Joseph Parish Church
  4. Plaza Complex

Talisay City

  1. Sta. Teresa de Aila Parish Church
  2. National Historic Shrine Liberation Monument
  3. Museo de Talisay

What can we expect on Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013?


Various activities await all.  There will be cultural shows, culinary wonders, art galleries, and amazing exhibits!

The Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 ticket will give you an all-in-one pass for entrance to all 33 main attractions, all-you-can ride trips by the Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 buses, as well as 1 tartanilla ride for you to enjoy in the old district of Cebu.

The Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 ticket is only Php 150 while children 7 years old and below are free of charge!

Local thoroughfares will be closed to allow you safe and enjoyable  passage in all the attractions.

Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 Guide

Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 Guide is available for you to download. It will show you tour routes, maps, colorful photos and so much more! Visit the following sites to start downloading the final version of the e-form.

To get more info about Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013 and RAFI, you can dial 418-7234 local 703  and look for Karl Damayo or Florencio Moreño II or you can visit the Facebook page of RAFI and click LIKE, drop by RAFI official website,  or you can be a follower on Twitter @rafiorgph.



Familia Buffet Restaurant Lets You Put The World on a Plate

Familia Buffet Restaurant Lets You Put The World on a Plate

Familia Buffet Restaurant can surely help you if you’re the one who wants to put the world on a plate. To tell you honestly, it is very much possible. This possibility of which I speak of refers to the matters of the tongue and tummy. I am referring to the marriage of international cuisine. Every dish imaginable from every corner in the world can be already be placed in your buffet plate, all to your heart’s content, or shall I say to your tummy’s extent of satiety. The flavors of the world is now indeed within your reach.

Familia Buffet Restaurant of Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa is proud to present their sumptuous array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If an array is not even enough for you, wait until you can see that you have 4 stations to choose from; Oriental, Western, Japanese, and dessert section.

You can dine on their outdoor terrace which gives you a spectacular view of their waterpark. Now that’s what you call filling up the senses with all the good stuff! The waterpark will let your eyes enjoy. The sound of leisure will fill your ears. Your olfactory and gustatory senses will be delighted with the banquet of food prepare just for you.

What’s amazing about their buffet is the variety! You have endless possibilities of choices for your breakfast plate in the morning, lunchtime, and dinnertime.

With a seating capacity of 390, Familia Buffet Restaurant can surely accommodate a crowd of foodies and bellies wanting to be filled. No wonder they are considered to be one of Cebu’s well-loved buffet! Familia Buffet Restaurant is indeed a family treat!


Amorita Resort: An experience that’s simply a cut above the rest

the infinity pool fronting the open sea Amorita Resort: An experience that’s simply a cut above the rest

With most getaway destinations offering the same experiences and amenities, how does one stand out?

Breaking away from the pack of the cobalt-water-and-fine-shore-flaunting destinations, Bohol has allowed itself to go beyond the usual sand and sea escape by offering travelers a distinct experience that shows off its artistic, cultural, historical and culinary values. And serving as a gateway to all the different offerings that Asia’s “Next Bali” offers is Amorita Resort.

“We consider Amorita as one of Bohol’s best-kept secrets,” shares Nikki Cauton, General Manager. “Resorts can either claim to be an adventure-packed destination; or a tranquil, relaxing hub. Amorita combines these two with ease, making it perfect for families, honeymooners, or tourists with diverse needs.”

Amorita on the rock Amorita Resort: An experience that’s simply a cut above the restNestled atop a seaside cliff overlooking the famed Alona Beach, Amorita Resort offers visitors what is arguably the most captivating view of Bohol Sea—a feature that in itself makes it a cut above the rest. “In a time when privacy has become the ultimate luxury, what we’re offering is the chance to be completely tranquil and undisturbed.”

And Amorita takes seclusion very seriously. For instance, each of the resort’s Ocean View Villa has an expansive pocket garden, a private “plunge pool,” and a sun deck that is ideal for intimate moments or a cold dip after a hot day of touring or sunbathing at the beach. Its Garden View Villas, Sky Suites and Deluxe Rooms, on the other hand, offer the same easy comfort and convenience.

In addition, Amorita Resort’s Infinity Pool and Leisure Area allow guests to enjoy an array of activities without having to leave the comfort of the resort. Here, they can relax and enjoy a selection of books, board games, fooz ball or table tennis.

Amorita is also a place where you can enjoy both authentic local and international cuisines. The resort’s centerpiece, the Saffron Restaurant (named after the glorious color of the sunset) and The Deck offer a one-of-a-kind selection that includes genuine Boholano cuisines and the celebrated Luy-a Degustation (Ginger-based dishes).

A five-course gastronomic fare that tastefully combines ginger-based French, Pan-Asian and Filipino classics, the Luy-a Degustation presents familiar favorites like fresh tuna kinilaw set on mango carpaccio with spiced coconut sauce and coconut and ginger sorbet, in a new light—allowing anyone to better appreciate the subtle delicacy and spicy tang of this humble spice.

A signature offering that puts the spotlight on the best cuisines native to the province, Amorita’s line-up of Boholano cuisines features heritage recipes passed through the generations, as well as tasteful reinterpretations of local favorites like chicken binakol and balbacua.

“We’d like to reiterate that Amorita is more than just a haven for relaxation,” explains Nikki. “We also offer a myriad of activities for the daring at heart: from snorkeling to island hopping, diving, and an eco-adventure trip in Catigbian, among others. We’ve got you covered.”

Nikki adds that Amorita, in partnership with the Philippine Bohol Arts Foundation (PBAFI), has come up with special tours intended to highlight some of the previously “unexplored” attractions of Bohol, allowing tourists to experience authentic Boholano life, art, culture, and history. “The requisite Bohol visit would include a stopover at the Chocolate Hills and a visit to the tarsiers; but really, Bohol has so much more to offer in terms of cuisine, arts and culture. And these are experiences that we want to surface through our exclusive tours.”

“I have been blessed to have been welcomed to Bohol with open arms,” Nikki ends. “And letting people get to know, taste, feel and experience a Bohol that goes beyond the usual is something I hope I can offer and let people experience inside of Amorita.”

To know more about Amorita and the resort’s offerings, you may call the resort at +63385029002 to 03 or the Manila Sales and Reservation office at +6325539549. You may also visit Amorita’s official website at lt to

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Julies Franchise Corporation Embarks on a New Business Model

Happily ever after glenn camay Copy Julies Franchise Corporation Embarks on a New Business Model
“Happily ever after” by Glenn Camay is one of the winners of the Julies Bakeshop Photo Contest

Home-grown Julies Bakeshop has embarked on a new business model that focuses on its core competency which has made it the largest community bakeshop in the country.

JFC CEO and President Joseph R. Gandionco said the company’s new direction aims to achieve its goal of providing improved quality yet affordable bread-products and to expanding its product reach.

In expanding its product reach for the benefit of more Filipinos, JFC’s vision is to provide more support to its franchisees to help them succeed.

Julie’s franchising company, Julie’s Franchise Corp. (JFC), is also looking at the company’s franchise design to make improvements for the benefit of its business partners, its existing and prospective franchisees.

A Julie’s franchise investment amounts to P1.8 million to P2 million. This includes the security deposit, P250, 000 franchise fee, start-up or business development cost, building renovation cost, ingredient, and machinery and equipment cost. Based on company studies, the average return-on-investment of its existing franchisees is only in two years.

Interested investors need only to submit a letter of intent to franchise, the certified copy of the property’s certificate of title for those who own the property where the bakeshop will be located. For those who will be leasing a property, a letter of intent to lease and the proof of ownership of the lessor and copy of the building’s tax declaration and location map are needed.

Julie’s started business in 1988. It has grown through the years with the help of its over 600 franchisees all over the country. Julie’s has received numerous awards and recognitions from various institutions for consistently exhibiting high standard of growth and development in all aspects of franchise operations.

In June 1999 Julie’s was dubbed as the “Success Story of the Year” and on October 1999 as Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Outstanding Country – Side Investor” Awardee.

It was followed by another award in 2000 when the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commernce and Industry awarded a Recognition to Julies as “Outstanding Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneur and another award of the same title from PCCI.

In 2002 Julie’s garnered the “Who’s Who in the Philippines: The Best Bakeshop of the Year” by the National Consumers Excellence Award.

In 2005, Julie’s Franchise Corporation was awarded with an award from the Department of Trade and Industry, PCCI, Philippine Retailers Association and Philippine Franchise Associations – the Franchise Excellence Award. It was on the same year that Governor Gwen Garcia awarded “Garbo sa Sugbu” Award to Julies, which was followed with another recognition from Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), as the Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Award”.

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Decorate-Your-Cake Brownie Pops from Goldilocks

brownie pops Decorate Your Cake Brownie Pops from GoldilocksMaking the perfect dessert tidbit has never been this delightful!

Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, brings you Decorate-Your-Cake Brownie Pops, a mouthful of creativity in every bite.

Try your hand at decorating a set of scrumptious Goldilocks brownies dipped in fudge, using any of the included DYC kits and accessories! Glitz and glam up these tasty treats today with family or friends!

Pop by the Goldilocks branch nearest you for your very own set of Brownie Pops today, or call +63 02 888-1-999 for Go-delivery.

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Indulge in Sweet Chocolate Flavorful Fusion

Fusion 1024x935 Indulge in Sweet Chocolate Flavorful Fusion

The search for the perfect bite is over! Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, brings you Sweet Chocolate Fusion, a marriage of two flavorful favorites!

Succulent Choco Cherry Torte, a culinary creation bedecked in cherry and chocolate crème and dotted with juicy maraschino cherries – merged with the classic Goldilocks Black Forest Cake, in one symphonic, perfect cake.

Indulge in Sweet Chocolate Fusion today! Pop by the Goldilocks branch nearest you, or call 888-1-999 Go-Delivery for the perfect slice!

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Sweet & Sinless Dessert Challenge with Goldilocks and Watson’s Philippines

image0051 Sweet & Sinless Dessert Challenge with Goldilocks and Watsons Philippines

A Goldi-good deal! (L-R) Goldilocks Bakeshop Marketing Manager Sali Sauco and Goldilocks Markketing Director Pinky Yee cement the partnership with Health Business Unit Diorector Lyle Joseph Morrel and Health Trading Controller Aida Lapez of Watson’s Philippines to commence activities for the Sweet and Sinless Dessert Challenge.

Satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping a handle on your health as well! Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, have teamed up with Watson’s Philippines to give you the Sweet & Sinless Dessert Challenge, a wonderful way to trim off the pounds and still enjoy your favorite Goldilocks treats!

Simply accumulate at least P300 on a single receipt of pharmacy items and win a P50 Goldilocks Gift Certificate! Avail of any of the sugar-free and low-fat line of pastries and sweets that Goldilocks has to offer, simply present your gift certificate at the counter! Each P300 purchase of pharmacy items qualifies you for a grand raffle of Sweet and Sinless treats! Winners of the grand Goldilocks and Watson’s Showcase will be announced on 30 July 2011 at the Mega Atrium, SM Megamall.

Trim those pounds today and drop by any Watson’s branch followed by the Goldilocks store nearest you!

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