10 (More) Reasons You're Not Rich

This is an interesting post you can check on your Yahoo browser. From an article of the same title,

12 Steps in Improving your Charisma as a Leader

I find this article appropriate to the need of the times. Youth today needs more than just influence to move volunteers and members. They need charisma (a.k.a. the ability to develop or inspire in others an ideological commitment to a particular point of view) to move people do things for the better good of everyone. […]

4 Easy Steps in Starting a Business

Business is about taking calculated risk. it involves strategic planning and a lot of action. If you have the resources to venture as an entrepreneur, the best way to start any business is to do the following: 1. Know the business. Before venturing, you should be able to at least check the be basics of […]

Finding the perfect exercise equipment

A little looking into exercise equipment and it’s plain to see why few people are actually exercising. Finding equipment that will work your entire body without requiring a small fortune or an entire room of your home.. well, it

Auto Repair Anyone?

A friend called me up minutes ago to share a positive insight on the power of internet. A couple of days back, their car was broke due to a timing belt damage. As what I know (being a former auto student for a year way back college), the timing belt harmonize the movement of the […]

In search for designer glasses?

Sunglasses comes in different colors and designs. The best ones are those which you can use perfectly with your present get-up. It represent your cultured fashion which will in the end provide you more boost in your self-confidence building. In layman’s word — improve your looks. Do

How to Succeed as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is the general term used for more than 7 million Filipinos working abroad. They bring billions of pesos every year which had helped the country sustain the economy and inflation.

Manny Pacquiao VS. David Diaz Live Blog

Unfortunately than most Filipinos, I have work at a resort this Sunday. Instead of relaxing sitting a soft cushioned sofa drinking the best cold-drinks at my fridge, I am here at the resort waiting for the outcome of the game.. But, there’s hope after all. Michael David Smith provides an alternative media to all those […]

Tips to Consider at Social Networking Sites

Queenie Sue Bajenting wrote a timely article about social networking sites on THE FREEMAN on June 16, 2008. Ms. Bajenting pointed out that there are several disadvatages in using social networking sites like multiply, facebook, friendster